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medium gauge galvanised plain end bs1387 steel tube

Galvanised Medium Gauge Tube - Plain End


A medium gauge galvanised tube to EN10241 (BS1387), finished with screwed and socketed ends and available in 6.5 metre full random lengths and 3.25 metre half random lengths. Also available in heavy gauge and with plain ends.


Steel Tube

[{"size":" 3.25m HRL (100mm) 4\"","tid":"5171","id":0},{"size":" 3.25m HRL (125mm) 5\"","tid":"5172","id":1},{"size":" 3.25m HRL (150mm) 6\"","tid":"5173","id":2},{"size":" 3.25m HRL (15mm) 1\/2\"","tid":"5174","id":3},{"size":" 3.25m HRL (20mm) 3\/4\"","tid":"5175","id":4},{"size":" 3.25m HRL (25mm) 1\"","tid":"5176","id":5},{"size":" 3.25m HRL (32mm) 1 1\/4\"","tid":"5177","id":6},{"size":" 3.25m HRL (40mm) 1 1\/2\"","tid":"5178","id":7},{"size":" 3.25m HRL (50mm) 2\"","tid":"5179","id":8},{"size":" 3.25m HRL (65mm) 2 1\/2\"","tid":"5180","id":9},{"size":" 3.25m HRL (80mm) 3\"","tid":"5181","id":10},{"size":" 6.5m FRL (100mm) 4\"","tid":"5182","id":11},{"size":" 6.5m FRL (125mm) 5\"","tid":"5183","id":12},{"size":" 6.5m FRL (150mm) 6\"","tid":"5184","id":13},{"size":" 6.5m FRL (15mm) 1\/2\"","tid":"5185","id":14},{"size":" 6.5m FRL (20mm) 3\/4\"","tid":"5186","id":15},{"size":" 6.5m FRL (25mm) 1\"","tid":"5187","id":16},{"size":" 6.5m FRL (32mm) 1 1\/4\"","tid":"5188","id":17},{"size":" 6.5m FRL (40mm) 1 1\/2\"","tid":"5189","id":18},{"size":" 6.5m FRL (50mm) 2\"","tid":"5190","id":19},{"size":" 6.5m FRL (65mm) 2 1\/2\"","tid":"5191","id":20},{"size":" 6.5m FRL (80mm) 3\"","tid":"5192","id":21}] null