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Stainless Steel Schedule 10S 304 Pipe


A 6 metre full random length of Schedule 10S 304 welded stainless steel pipe.


Steel Tube

[{"size":" 6m FRL (100mm) 4\"","tid":"5202","id":0},{"size":" 6m FRL (10mm) 3\/8\"","tid":"5203","id":1},{"size":" 6m FRL (125mm) 5\"","tid":"5205","id":2},{"size":" 6m FRL (150mm) 6\"","tid":"5206","id":3},{"size":" 6m FRL (15mm) 1\/2\"","tid":"5207","id":4},{"size":" 6m FRL (200mm) 8\"","tid":"5208","id":5},{"size":" 6m FRL (250mm) 10\"","tid":"5209","id":6},{"size":" 6m FRL (25mm) 1\"","tid":"5210","id":7},{"size":" 6m FRL (32mm) 1 1\/4\"","tid":"5211","id":8},{"size":" 6m FRL (40mm) 1 1\/2\"","tid":"5212","id":9},{"size":" 6m FRL (50mm) 2\"","tid":"5213","id":10},{"size":" 6m FRL (65mm) 2 1\/2\"","tid":"5198","id":11},{"size":" 6m FRL (80mm) 3\"","tid":"5199","id":12}] null