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Steel Studding


A 1m or 3m length of steel studding.


Pipe Support Systems

[{"size":" M10 (1 metre)","tid":"4861","id":0},{"size":" M10 (3 metre)","tid":"4862","id":1},{"size":" M12 (1 metre)","tid":"4863","id":2},{"size":" M12 (3 metre)","tid":"4864","id":3},{"size":" M16 (1 metre)","tid":"4865","id":4},{"size":" M16 (3 metre)","tid":"4866","id":5},{"size":" M20 (1 metre)","tid":"4867","id":6},{"size":" M20 (3 metre)","tid":"4868","id":7},{"size":" M6 (1 metre)","tid":"4869","id":8},{"size":" M6 (3 metre)","tid":"4870","id":9},{"size":" M8 (1 metre)","tid":"4871","id":10},{"size":" M8 (3 metre)","tid":"4872","id":11}] null