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Our History

Thomas Hackett opened his first forge in West Bromwich in 1880 and the manufacture of pipe and fittings was central to the business from the very start.  It was in 1934 along with his son, Jesse Hackett that the business was incorporated - T Hacketts & Sons Ltd

An instant success and famed for his respect for the philanthropic attitudes of the time, Thomas Hackett promised that

"T Hackett and Sons Limited will always consider the well being of its employees as much as it does the well being of its profit"

It was his commitment to quality, integrity and what we now call the 3P's -  People, profit, planet that led to the Hackett family, throughout the early 20th century, owning many of the surrounding streets and fields, providing good housing and recreation for employees and their families.

Hacketts has always been and still is a family business. The ethos and promise given by Thomas Hackett 130 years ago is still at the heart of our business.